Macrocarpa came into New Zealand in the 1860s being popular as a shelterbelt.  Although some plantations were planted in early 1900 Lusitanica (Mexican Cypress) came in at a later date.

Macrocarpa has been used in house building around NZ since early 1900s.  Cypress timbers are known and valued throughout the world since ancient times.historic_macrocarpa_tree.JPG

  • Old World Cypress (Meditteranean)
  • New World Cypress (Americas)

Foresters have always reconised the heritage of cypress as a premium timber and many discerning home builders have used Macrocarpa for the last 100 years in NZ.

Since the early 1990s MacDirect has become convinced of the market potential for professionally graded Macrocarpa.  There has been huge growth in demand since this time.

Macrocarpa is a native of South West USA where it is known as Monterey Cypress.  It was bought to New Zealand in the late 1800s to be used largely as a shelter belt on farms because of its hardiness.

Cypress timbers have been used for centuries in the building trade.

St Peters' gates in Vatican City were built with 'old world' cypress and are still there today, 1000 years later.

Macrocarpa has been valued for over 100 years in New Zealands' house building industry.

Most plantation cypress grown especially in the North Island is Lusitanica because of its resistance to canker and better sawmill qualities.

MacDirect recognised that much Macrocarpa supplied to the market was of inferior grade and quality, so in the early 1990's determined to supply the trade with a consistent, reliable supply of Macrocarpa.

Today Macrocarpa is recognised as having a growing and important part in New Zealands building industry.

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Murray Grant began the business in Whangarei in 1993 with a specially imported horizontal bandsaw. Today MacDirect would be the largest supplier of building grade Macrocarpa/Cypress in New Zealand
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