Sustainability is not something new, just something we lost in the last 50 years in our desire for innovation, excellence, exotic design, and expediency. Our world is amazingly renewable if we use the resources wisely that are available to us in nature.  MacDirect aims to help you in your desire to be responsible in your environmental choices.

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Cypress has been recognised as a premium building timber from our earliest recorded history.  In fact, Noah's Ark was said to have been built in Cypress! Macrocarpa has become the common generic name for most cypress timbers in New Zealand.  Known as Monterey Cypress (Macrocarpa) and Mexican Cypress (Lusitanica) in their native America they were imported into New Zealand in the late 1800's.  Plantations were grown and many houses were built using macrocarpa in early 1900s, as a replacement for dwindling supplies of NZ Kauri.

Unfortunately in NZ because of the manufacturing properties of Radiata Pine, Macrocarpa was sidelined in the forestry establishment for many years.  Even so, some knowledgeable forestry scientists had the foresight to plant some areas amongst pine plantations in the 1950's-1970's.
MacDirect sources most of their logs from this resource.  NZFFA (New Zealand Farm Foresters) members have been planting cypress extensively from the 1970's.  Well managed plantation cypress is ready for harvest from 25 years on.


Because the "whole" tree is useable at the sawmill (no pulp downgrade) a macrocarpa plantation can supply up to 600 tonne per ha.(verified actual, av. to date 450-500).  This, plus the high value of cypress sawlog, makes the growing of macrocarpa a very sustainable land use option for the landowner.


 Why wood?
Timber is not only renewable it replenishes and nourishes our environment as it replaces itself as a tree. 


  • Building with wood will make a significant contribution to reducting CO2 in the atmosphere.

  • That 1 tonne of wood has absorbed approximately 1.7 tonne of carbon net, after manufacture.

  • By simply choosing wood an average timber house reduces CO2 by 50 tonnes (equivalent to that emitted by flying 12 times around the world or what a car could use during its entire life).

  • By just choosing timber cladding alone, on average 8.5 tonne of CO2 has been taken out of the atmosphere!

  • That wooden ceiling sarking would also reduce CO2 by approximately 8.5 tonne.

  • That carbon is 'locked up' for the life of the house.

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Why Macrocarpa?

MacDirect is able to sell all by-product of timber manufacture to local animal rearers, organic gardens, firewood, as an organically safe product.

Macrocarpa is a naturally durable timber (heart same as H3.1 treated pine) needing no chemical preservative.

MacDirect aims to dry all timber naturally (presently 95%) using no forced kiln drying.

Waste material at building sites is safely recyclable as firewood etc.

Macrocarpa is a NZ exotic purpose grown timber tree.

Macrocarpa locally grown, locally manufactured, locally owned.

Cypress natures building material for 5000 years.

MacDirect working with nature, working with the NZ building industry for 20 years.

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Murray Grant began the business in Whangarei in 1993 with a specially imported horizontal bandsaw. Today MacDirect would be the largest supplier of building grade Macrocarpa/Cypress in New Zealand
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