Self Watering Garden Bed - Complete System



(Images are of a 2/1/420 with capping bed with full Self Watering System)


Check out the video explaining "SELF WATERING GARDENS"


Using a MacDirect Mac Garden bed with capping and the Organic at Home, Self Watering system, you'll have organic veges ready to eat in no time! Simply follow the instructions below and get growing with MacDirect and Organic at Home. 


Ordering Instructions

  1. Select the size garden bed and self watering system you want.
  2. Then select which Grow Bag option you would like.


A) Just the bags (use your own soil and grow your own plants).

B) Just the bags and soil.

C) The lot! Bags, Soil and Plants


3. Check out!


You will receive a call from our installer who will come, build your garden bed and install the self watering system and leave you with your choice of Grow Bags. He will also discuss what vegetables, herbs or plants you want to have in your Self Watering Garden Bed or he can give you some ideas of what to grow and how. He's good like that ;)


As this is an installed product our advertised expected delivery times do not apply. That will be discussed with the installer directly.


For more information on the Self Watering Grow bags, click here

Self Watering Garden Bed - Complete System

  • This service is only available in the Auckland and Hamilton areas. Confirmation will be made after check out to ensure this service can be carried out in your area.

    Assembly can only be carried out on a level site. Please ensure the site is level before the work is carried out. If not, additional costs will be incurred and charged by the hour. If this site is not ready and it is deemed unsuitable for assembly and if the installer has to return at a later date and additional freight and call out fee will apply. 

    A freight charge of $60 applies at checkout.