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Over the past 25 years MacDirect has been working at the forefront on the conversation about Mac/Cypress in the building code and while there have been some challenges, today Mac/Cypress is highly regarded as a high grade timber product.

Here's what you need to know

MacDirect Mac/Cypress is naturally durable and is equivalent to H3.1 treated radiata pine. This is one of the reasons that MacDirect Mac/Cypress is popular for weatherboards and external coverings. In a natural state our timber meets NZ building code for framing, cladding and external applications. Please refer to the building code NZS 3602:2003.

MacDirect Mac structural and framing timber qualifies as VSG6 for engineering purposes. It must be noted that where timber is visually graded a reasonable difference of opinion between grades is recognised. A maximum allowable inclusion of “off grade” (5%) in any parcel is recognised as an acceptable allowable variation. Our weatherboard and

external timber products are supplied in “heart” grade timber. Please refer to the building code NZS 3602:2003.

For more information please refer to the building code or contact us to chat about your specific needs. 

For more information on use check out our KNOW section

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