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Macrocarpa is a popular timber for garden edging or edging to line garden paths or driveways. 

Locally milled and sourced we offer the following options

1. Landscape Grade 200/50 - Cut To Length - (1.8, 2.4 and 3 metre) - Not always available

2. Landscape Grade 200/100 - Cut to length - (1.8, 2.4 and 3 metre) - Not always available

3. #1 grade 200/100 - Cut to length - (1.8, 2.4, and 3 metre) - Always available (buy now)

These can also be purchased in selected lengths at any length upto 6 metres, This means these are not cut to length.

Learn more about Macrocarpa uses


Why our customers use our Sleepers

  • It is a NZ grown exotic sustainably grown and logged

  • It's natural durability as well as hard wearing (does not erode with time)

  • Plantation macrocarpa is a stable timber

  • The decorative appeal of macrocarpa whether allowed to silver/grey naturally, or oiled, stained or painted.

  • We can supply bandsawn finish

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