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Macrocarpa is a popular decking timber for those who want to use environmentally sustainable timber.  Many decking situations put considerable strain on the durability of the timber, which is why our Mac is great natural timber solution.  All our decking timber is supplied in heart timber and is durable to equivalent of H3.1 treated pine.

We profile our decking smooth on one side and grooves on the other.  Our recommendation is that you place grooves face down on the joists to improve aeration at the decking/joist joint.

We also recommend additional protection with a high grade wood oil like Drydens, Woca. 

MacDirect has a range of Wood Oils & Coatings, there is also a pre-coating service available. Read more about oiling our timber.

Why our customers use our Decking

  • It is a NZ grown exotic sustainably grown and logged

  • It's natural durability as well as hard wearing (does not erode with time)

  • Plantation macrocarpa is a stable timber

  • The decorative appeal of macrocarpa whether allowed to silver/grey naturally, or oiled, stained or painted.

  • Macrocarpa cladding has minimal manufacturing processes . MacDirect sources the log, cuts to size, air drys, and machine profiles, ready to use. 

  • All standard profiles supplied

  • We can supply bandsawn or smooth face

  • Supplied as random lengths,(av 4-5mtrs), where selected lengths required surcharge of 20% is applied.

  • All MacDirect cladding can be supplied with a "producer statement" verifying "heart material" and meets NZ building Code in a natural state.


Available in Tight Knot #1 or Premium Clears
See Grades for more information -
Note: Dryness around 25-30% in 35mm board


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