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MacDirect is a leader in driving interest in natural, chemical free options for building. Whilst there are still rules around Framing your home with natural timber, we work every day to improve the quality and confidence in our products. We will assist you through the process and supply the necessary information you need to get your natural home over the line. 

If you are interested in framing your home in chemical free MacDirect Mac, we'd love to talk. Check the technical information below and get in touch. 


MacDirect is now able to offer the architectural and building community SG8 framing and beams. This is massive step towards MacDirect's mission of creating a natural building alternative. If you are wanting to build naturally, macrocarpa/cypress SG8 timber is now an option for your build. Build healthy, build a chemical free home.  



  • Framing charge on a random lengths basis.

  • Bandsawn (BS4S) or dressed (D4S) finish.

  • MacDirect grades all beams as No.1 structural grade, giving a strength rating of VSG6 (under stress testing has proved to meet SG8 standard)

  • MacDirect now also offers SG8 Framing and beams.

  • Supplied in Heart Macrocarpa which is rated as similar natural durability as H3.1 treated pine.

  • Not recommended for in-ground use.

  • Not in "acceptable solutions" NZ Building code, 50 year life,  for structural use where directly exposed to weather. (it is allowable to use macrocarpa where exposed, by requesting a 15 year lifespan. The beam or post, needs to be visible for inspection, and can be replaced easily.) 

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