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We supply Dry/Seasoned MIll slab firewood and sell it by the cubic metre in our local community.


DELIVERY INFORMATION - Franklin NZ, Papakura only 

Type in your address. If you address is within the local delivery area you will get two selections. Please select "FRANKLIN ONLY". 


If you do not get this option, local delivery is not an option. Please do not select "AUCKLAND ONLY" as we don't deliver firewood outside of our local area. You can however collect from the Mill based in Patumahoe. 


Minimum online order quantity is 5m3 - 


For Inquiries call us direct 0800 024317


Local Firewood Delivery

  • Our firewood is a by-product of our sawmilling process. The wood is bundled and left to air dry in the open over a 8-12 month period. This seasons the timber and drys it. 

    Please note that while we aim to supply dry firewood, there may be some pieces that are more "seasoned" than others and due to weather the timber may be surface wet. 

    If it is surface wet, please set aside in your wood shed for a week or so to dry off and allow some more drying time for any green bits that come with the load. You'll notice these as they weigh significantly more than a dry/seasoned peice of the same size.

    We are unable to guarantee our firewood is always 100% dry so you if require that guarantee, please contact alternative suppliers. 

    Thanks for choosing MacDirect. 

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