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Build your own MacDirect Garden bed in the size you need. These are our standard rails that fit perfectly with our routed pre-drilled Posts. 


Choose the length and quantity you require for your bespoke garden bed. Always order more than you need. If you need 1.2m get the next size up 1.5m. This is to ensure you have enough to make the size bed you need. Also do this if you are buying lengths for a capping rail (seat). All rails are cut to length within a 3-5mm tolerance.


Remember to factor in your post sizes. Make sure to work out your calculations in multiples of 140mm. (280,420,560 etc etc)


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Some cutting of timber maybe required for your garden bed to fit within your design. All Garden beds require a power drill with a square head drill bit for assembly.


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Garden Rails - Make your own Garden Bed

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