Macrocarpa is highly sought after for its' light "honey" colour and natural lustre when used for decorative wall panelling and ceilings.  It can be left to colour to a distinctive silver/grey naturally, oiled, painted, blonded, or polyurethaned to highlight its distinctive characteristics. Macrocarpa is increasingly being used, both internally and externally, to give a distinctive natural look with bandsawn finish.

Macrocarpa is a classified as a softwood.  Although we meet requirements to have all our panel grade timbers below 16% moisture content, there will often be some shrinkage in the dry house atmosphere. (recommend butt joins 45d)

Our Macrocarpa:

  • All our panelling is supplied random lengths (normally av. 4-5mtrs) If selected lengths required, a surcharge of up to 50% applies.

  • We can supply pre-coated with quality wood oil

  • Macrocarpa flooring while popular for it's decorative appeal will bruise to some extent.

  • Available in clears, panel grade (tight knot).

Why our customers use our Sarking and Flooring

  • It is a NZ grown exotic sustainably grown and logged

  • It's natural durability as well as hard wearing (does not erode with time)

  • Plantation macrocarpa is a stable timber

  • The decorative appeal of macrocarpa whether allowed to silver/grey naturally, or oiled, stained or painted.

  • Macrocarpa cladding has minimal manufacturing processes . MacDirect sources the log, cuts to size, air drys, and machine profiles, ready to use. 

  • All standard profiles supplied

  • We can supply bandsawn or smooth face

  • Supplied as random lengths,(av 4-5mtrs), where selected lengths required surcharge of 20% is applied.

  • All MacDirect cladding can be supplied with a "producer statement" verifying "heart material" and meets NZ building Code in a natural state.


Available in Panel Grade, Tight Knot #1 and Clears See Grades for more information


Sarking TG&V - 83/10

Sarking TG&V - 172/18

Sarking TG&V - 83/18

Secret Nail with 3mm detail

158/18, 117/18 & 72/18

Sarking TG&V - 128/18

Sarking TG&V - 128/10


Flooring TG - 83/18

Flooring TG - 175/18

Flooring TG - 83/10

Flooring TG - 128/18

Flooring TG - 128/10